Aidan Lead developer of Mother Tongues.

Become an author

Become an author

Do you have a tip you’d like to share? Have you pulled your hair out fixing a bug only to find out that the reason the bug exists is because many mainstream platforms don’t consider less-resourced languages? The Mother Tongues blog is the place to share your tips, tricks, and tutorials for all things related to technology for less-resourced languages.

To become an author, you’ll need a GitHub account1.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Fork the Mother Tongues Blog Respository
  2. Create a branch called and check it out
  3. Edit the file labelled _config.yml. * denotes a required value.

        name: Aidan
        display_name: Aidan
        gravatar: 7623fd3eeb0acbe1084fecc20c3093ae 
        email: [email protected]
        description: "Lead developer of Mother Tongues."
     yourname*:              # This should be your twitter handle
         name: YourName*
         display_name: YourName*
         email: [email protected]*
         gravatar: YourGravatarID # this is an md5 hash of your email that you used to sign up for you can either calculate this on the command line, or use an online generator like 
         description: "Guest Author. YourDescriptionHere"
  4. Add your name to the list of authors in admin/config.yml

    - { label: 'Author', name: 'author', widget: 'select', options: [ 'AidanPine',    '_eddieantonio', 'delaney', 'fineen', 'YOURNAME' ] }
  5. Submit a pull request to merge your changes in into the review branch.

That’s it! Start [writing your posts](


1: Any suggestions for good GitHub tutorials? Leave them in the comments below!

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