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Typesetting Syllabics (and More) in LaTeX

This post describes one way to use certain Inuktut syllabics fonts when writing documents in LaTeX, along with some other LaTeX tips.

Language revitalization with Mozilla's Common Voice

The National Research Council and Ursa Creative have adapted Mozilla’s CommonVoice tool to help streamline recording and data management for Indigenous language revitalization.

How to make a Wordle clone for your language

This tutorial will help you adapt the popular Wordle game to another language!

Preventing feeding of g2p rules with case

When you write g2p mappings, sometimes you find yourself wanting to prevent feeding between rules, but your situation is too complex to be handled by the normal prevent-feeding option.

G2P Part 7: Contributing a new mapping to g2p for everyone to use

This is the last part of the seven-part series on g2p. In this part, we’ll discuss how to contribute your mappings to the main g2p library.

G2P Part 6: Solve inconsistencies in your text with a g2p pre-processing mapping

This is the 6th blog post in a seven-part series about a software tool called g2p. In this post we’ll discuss how to use g2p to do the common natural...