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G2P Part 1: Getting from 'a' to 'b' with g2p - why g2p exists and will let you do awesome things

This is the first blog post in a seven-part series about a software tool called g2p. This post describes some of the background context for why g2p was created, and...

Tutorial: Choosing the right fonts to show Cree syllabics on your website

tl;dr: Use this font-family CSS declaration to successfully display Western Cree syllabics for most visitors to your website:

Why I made yet another Cree syllabics converter

The Western Cree languages—Plains Cree, Woods Cree, and Swampy Cree—are written using two systems: one with letters borrowed from the English alphabet, in a system known as the standard Roman...

Standard post template

This blog post describes what a basic template for a post on this blog should look like. Feel free to just copy past the headers into your post and replace...

Write a post

Here’s a short tutorial on how to write your first blog post on the official Mother Tongues Blog. This tutorial assumes you’ve already signed up to become an author.