Aidan Lead developer of Mother Tongues.

Write a post

Here’s a short tutorial on how to write your first blog post on the official Mother Tongues Blog. This tutorial assumes you’ve already signed up to become an author.

Posts on the Mother Tongues Blog are written in Markdown.

In order to write a new post, follow the following steps.

  1. In your fork of the Mother Tongues Blog Respository, make sure you’re in the branch and add a new post to the _posts folder. Your post file name must by slugified. It must start with the date (yyyy-mm-dd) and then the blog post name,
  2. Add some meta data about the post at the top:
    layout: post
    title:  "Become an author"
    author: aidan
    categories: [ Tutorial, Blog ]
    tags: [ intermediate ]
    image: assets/images/01.jpg
    description: "Write your own articles for the Mother Tongues Blog"
    featured: false
    hidden: false
  3. Write the content of your post in Markdown. Please have a look at the template for writing accessible posts!
  4. When you’re happy with it, Submit a pull request

Thanks for contributing!

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