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Preventing feeding of g2p rules with case

When you write g2p mappings, sometimes you find yourself wanting to prevent feeding between rules, but your situation is too complex to be handled by the normal prevent-feeding option.

Tutorial: Choosing the right fonts to show Cree syllabics on your website

tl;dr: Use this font-family CSS declaration to successfully display Western Cree syllabics for most visitors to your website:

Standard post template

This blog post describes what a basic template for a post on this blog should look like. Feel free to just copy past the headers into your post and replace...

Write a post

Here’s a short tutorial on how to write your first blog post on the official Mother Tongues Blog. This tutorial assumes you’ve already signed up to become an author.

Become an author

Do you have a tip you’d like to share? Have you pulled your hair out fixing a bug only to find out that the reason the bug exists is because...